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6 Key Documents required for filing ITR - Investment Junction

For the department of financial income tax year 2015-16 it has launched new way of presenting the tax return (ITR) on its website. If you are planning to file a tax return this year. Then you should know what documents are required and what the whole form to be filled are. In order to file the tax return. If you do not know what documents are required and what the meaning of the different form. Then it would not be able to filing the income tax (ITR) in this exercise. In this blog we will give you the list of documents required for filing the tax return.
6 Key Documents required for filing ITR:

Form 16:
If you are doing the job, then it should be to get the form from your employer 16. This form gives the idea of tax deductions made by the employer and income. If you are planning to file the ITR then you must file Form 16 and secure the signature of your employer. This is a very important document for filing the tax return. This form gives details about the TDS deduction made from his salary.

TDS certificate:
If you have another source of income other than monthly salary. And there is a TDS deduction is made. In that case, while filing the tax return that is supposed to send the certificate TDS deduction.

Form 26AS:
If you are filing your tax return and then filing Form 26 AS is very important. With the help of Form 26AS you come to know that the TDS deduction by your employer, trader has presented to the Government or not. You can obtain this document through the online mode. If you are filing the income tax return for the second time that must have the username and password to download the form 26 AS. You can download the form http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/

Bank account:
If you are filing your tax return then you should present the current statement. The statement must be the departure of the previous year until the end of the year. It is always advisable to give details of accrued interest on the deposit. If you have not declared the interest you earn in shape. There may be a possibility that you will receive notice of the department of income tax.

Tax deduction paper:
If you are filing your tax return then you must submit the certificate of tax deduction under the different section. As tax deduction under section 80 C, 80 D and E. 80

Pan card and Aadhaar card:
The next very important document that is required to file the tax return is PAN card and Aadhaar card. If you are going to be above that document ready for electronic filing. In that case you would not face any problem in presenting the ITR.

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